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About Us
Foodhero is a marketplace that allows stores with food surplus to inform nearby customers in real-time and make available such items. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, just open the app to discover awesome food at discounted price.
It’s the new way to promote food surplus and save money.
How it Works
The stores post in real-time their offers and promotions
Customer search and explore offers
Order and pick up
the products in store
Save money while helping retailers to reduce food waste
Food Waste

FAO estimates that 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year, the equivalent of 1/3 of the total production intended for human consumption.

It is possible to distinguish between two types of food waste. Food losses: losses which occur upstream within the food supply chain, mainly during planting, cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage and primary processing agricultural. Food waste: that waste occurring during industrial processing, distribution and final consumption. Food waste is a phenomenon that poses questions on the imbalances in world consumption and social disparities between those who waste and those who have nothing to eat. FAO indicates that there are 222 million tons of food wastage in industrialized countries, a figure equal to the food production sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tons). At the European level ,there’s an average waste of 180 kg of food per capita per year; 42% of this waste is done at the household level. The country with the highest waste per capita is the Netherlands with its 579 kg per capita per year; the one with the least wastage is Greece (44 kg per capita per year). Italy is located roughly halfway between these two countries, with 149 kg of food waste per person annually.


Billion Tons


KG per person wasted

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Foodhero helps retailers and producers to reduce food waste and connect with new customers.

Many retailers often discard unsold products, with Foodhero you can still salvage your items and try to sell them for a lower rate, by adding a new and unexpected revenue stream. It’s time! Take advantage of mobile marketing to drive store traffic and increase revenue. Foodhero provides you a solution for business, customers and environment.
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Foodhero’s mobile application allows shoppers in Milan to find awesome food at discounted price so we can fight food waste and save money.